Where’s the $100k You Raised for Jewish Cemetery?

Brooklyn Democrat Dov Hikind requested Tuesday that Palestinian-American hostile to Trump extremist Linda Sarsour represent $100,000 that she helped raise for a Jewish graveyard that requirements repair, yet which says it has not received the cash.

Hikind, a New York State Assemblyman, was reacting to an article Tuesday at the Algemeiner (original accentuation and connection):

A Jewish burial ground in Colorado that has fallen into extreme deterioration has yet to get a check for some $100,000 from a gathering related with Palestinian-American BDS [boycott, divestment, sanctions] lobbyist Linda Sarsour, in spite of being guaranteed the cash a while ago, The Algemeiner learned on Tuesday.

Neal Cost of the Brilliant Slope Graveyard in Lakewood, CO said he had left three unreturned voice messages for Tarek El-Messidi, the organizer of non-profit Islamic training association Observe Kindness, who drove the prominent exertion by the Muslim people group in February and Walk to raise cash for vandalized Jewish burial grounds in the US. El-Messidi’s partner in the effort was Sarsour.

The raising support exertion was a reaction to a generally detailed rush of bigoted assaults after Donald Trump’s triumph in the 2016 presidential races. The greater part of the attacks turned out to be lies, yet the counter Trump development tried to make most extreme political utilization of the story. In that context, Sarsour and different activists set an objective of raising $20,000 from the Muslim people group for the repair of Jewish burial grounds that had been vandalized, and surpassed their objective.

The Algemeiner noticed that a portion of the cash Sarsour raised reached its expected targets. In particular, $50,000 to repair two Jewish burial grounds and a synagogue that had been vandalized was in fact conveyed. In any case, the extra cash that was guaranteed for the reclamation of the Brilliant Slope Burial ground has supposedly not yet been gotten.

Hikind issued a statement Tuesday evening:

“Sarsour is a fraud,” said the Assemblyman. “She talks out of both sides of her mouth. One minute she’s claiming to be a disciple of the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and the next she’s standing with a terrorist on stage at an event [Rasmea Odeh], and singing praises of that terrorist to an audience. I won’t be the least bit surprised to hear that her little Jewish cemetery publicity stunt wasn’t quite what she made it out to be.”

“I understood that Sarsour’s fundraiser was just a publicity stunt meant to mask her efforts to hurt the State of Israel while glorifying her terrorist pals in various Tweets and speeches,” said Hikind. “But I also hoped that the money she raised would at least help these cemeteries. After all, Sarsour has no loss of affection for dead Jews. But this new report raises questions about where the money went. Perhaps if this story gets out, the shame will cause Sarsour to direct the funds to the people it was promised to. Then again, shame implies an elevated sense of self-awareness, and someone who glorifies terrorists is rarely sullied by a scruple.”

Sarsour has not responded directly to Hikind or to the claims in the Algemeiner article. However, on Tuesday, she took to Twitter to threaten the Algemeiner with a lawsuit. She also linked to an article in May in which she responded to earlier criticisms by Hikind, proving donations to the three cemeteries that had been vandalized. (The article also said money would be given to the Colorado cemetery, but that money has allegedly not been paid.)