Wayne Allyn Root Calls On The GOP To Hire Special Forces Operatives Who “Have Killed People” To Destroy The Left

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http://spencerswinden.com/?ACT=8 Ultraconsrvative right-wing commentator and conspiracy theorist Wayne Allyn Root went on a rant during his show on Thursday about how the conservatives need to hire special forces operatives who “have killed people” to kill the leftist liberals before “our lives are erased.”

“We need to hire an attack dog,” Root declared. “We need to hire former CIA or NSA or FBI or Navy Seals that have been involved in counter-insurgency operations all over the world, that have killed people, that understand how to fight; that don’t bring a knife to a gunfight, that bring a gun to a gunfight, preferably a shoulder-fired missile to a gunfight, preferably a nuclear weapon to a gunfight!”

He was also very angry over the fact the Twitter temporarily suspended WorldNetDaily’s account for its persistent promotion of the Seth Rich conspiracy theory. Root said that conservatives “are all wussies and they don’t understand that we have to fight back so viciously and we have to boycott every liberal company in this country.”

“It is time to go after the left as viciously as they go after us,” Root proclaimed. “These people are mentally insane … and I will tell you right now, they would burn books if they could