Watch McCain Shut Down Kamala Harris After Sessions Admits She Makes Him Nervous

While questioning Attorney General Jeff Sessions during Tuesday’s Senate hearing, Sen. Kamala Harris tried to get a member of Trump’s administration to answer her question when another Republican senator interrupted.

Sessions felt the heat as the California senator repeatedly asked if he had contacts with any “Russian businessmen or Russian nationals,” and claimed that Harris was accusing him of lying and begged off.

“If I don’t qualify, it you’ll accuse me of lying so I need to be correct as best as I can,” Sessions said.

“I do want you to be honest,” Harris replied.

“And I’m not to be able to be rushed this fast,” Sessions remarked. ” It makes me nervous.”

When Harris continued her line of questioning, Sen. John McCain came to Sessions’ defense and said, “Chairman, the witness should be allowed to answer the question.”

Chairman Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) then told both McCain and Harris, “Senators, you will allow the chair to control the hearing.”