(VIDEO) The US President: “Before I Was Elected I Never Knew There Were So Many Countries”

While giving a discourse to Japanese dignitaries on the primary leg his Asian visit, President Donald Trump conceded that he was unconscious of what number of nations there are on the planet until the point that he progressed toward becoming president.

Tending to how he initially ended up plainly familiar with Japanese Prime Minister Abe — who Trump alluded to by his initially name, Shinzo — Trump influenced the spur of the moment to remark, seeming to go off-content from his readied comments.

“So my association with Shinzo got off to a significant rough begin since I never kept running for office, and here I am,” Trump commented. “Be that as it may, I never ran, so I wasn’t extremely experienced. Furthermore, after I had won, everyone was bringing me from everywhere throughout the world. I never knew we had such a large number of nations.”

You can watch the president’s comments in the video beneath. The nations remark comes at the 14 minute check: