(VIDEO) Sarah Sanders Defends Robert E. Lee:”All Our Leaders Have Flaws”

Attending to White House Chief of Staff John Kelly’s clarification that the Civil War was the consequence of an “inability to trade off,” presidential representative Sarah Huckabee Sanders was drawn into an exchange on states memorializing pioneers of the Confederacy and asserted, “The majority of our pioneers have defects.”

Squeezed by New York Times correspondent Glenn Thrush to address the Civil War as a little girl of the south, Sanders contrasted the commemorations with those committed to Presidents John F. Kennedy and George Washington.

“The majority of our pioneers have imperfections” Sanders answered. “Washington, Jefferson, JFK, Roosevelt. That doesn’t decrease their commitments to our nation and it can’t eradicate them from our history.”

“General Kelly was making the point that since history isn’t impeccable doesn’t mean it isn’t our history,” she included.

“You are a glad little girl of the south,” Thrush squeezed. “When you see a statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest, is there a separation you think with certain Confederate figures who don’t should be regarded?”

“I don’t figure we should talk about each snapshot of history,” Sanders answered. “I think those minutes occurred. There are minutes that we are significantly less glad for than others however we can’t eradicate the way that they happened. I think you need to figure out where that line is.”

You can watch the video below: