(VIDEO) Russian Pranker Tricked Nikki Haley Into Defending The Sovereignty Of A Fake Nation

U.S. Minister to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, seems to have been tricked by two Russian humorists, as indicated by a YouTube video distributed a week ago.

John Degory, a representative for Haley declined to check the tape’s legitimacy, telling the Post and Courier, “we don’t have anything to share on that right now.”

Be that as it may, the pranksters, Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexei Stolyarov, keep up they called Haley and acted like the Polish head administrator amid the about 30-minute long discourse.

In sound of the collaboration, a lady who shared Haley’s solid southern highlight can be heard expressing gratitude toward the “Clean head administrator” for declining a vote against the United States amid a gathering of the United Nations General Assembly a week ago.

“Give me a chance to begin with especially saying thanks to you for the help we got on the vote today,” Haley stated, alluding to the U.N’s. judgment of the U.S’s. choice to move its Israeli government office from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem,

“We will always remember it,” the lady included. That dialect mirrors what Haley herself told the United Nation, promising to “take names” of nations that voted against the U.S.

The pranksters additionally figured out how to persuade Haley that a nonexistent island called Binomo was as of late focused by Russia amid its nonexistent decisions.

“You know Binomo?” the entertainers inquired.

“Truly, yes,” Haley said.

“They had decisions and we assume Russians had its intercession,” they answered.

“Indeed, obviously they did, totally,” Haley said before offering to “discover precisely what our position is on that, and imagine a scenario in which anything the U.S. is doing or thinks ought to be done and I will report back to you on that also.”

“We should have White House gatherings on all issues with the South China Sea approaching, so I think we’ll have more answers around then,” Haley included.

The U.S. diplomat included that the United States can “oversee [Russia] and we keep on reminding them what their place is,” a remark that drew reactions from Russian press executive Maria Zakharova wrote in Russian.

The comics additionally guided the discussion towards more topical purposes of enthusiasm, including the rape assertions demanded against Kevin Spacey. The pranksters disclosed to Haley that Spacey once went to an official state supper and “began to tap the knee of the president.”

Haley still didn’t understand she was being tricked, saying she is keen on perusing the meeting.

Inquired as to whether she knows Spacey, Haley answered, “I don’t have any acquaintance with him by and by however we surely do hear stories.”

He at that point educated Haley that the previous head administrator of Poland said she was “bothered by Mr. Trump in 2012.”

“She revealed to me that. Perhaps it resembles, I don’t have any acquaintance with, it’s advanced to denounce individuals,” the Russian prankster said before proposing the previous Polish pioneer feels frustrated about dismissing Trump.

“That may have been what was required,” Haley said. “We will abandon it at that.”

Tune in beneath, by means of YouTube: