Trump Announced That He Would Ban Trans People From Serving In The Military

President Donald Trump swore that as president he would “do everything to secure our LGBTQ natives against viciousness and persecution.” Yet, Wednesday, Trump chose that transgender individuals were never again welcome in the U.S. military.

Trump broadly told supporter Caitlyn Jenner that she could utilize any restroom she needed in Trump Tower. Presently, it appears, she can utilize the lavatory in Trump Tower, yet she’s not welcome in Trump’s military.

As per CNN Pentagon reporter Barbara Starr, Trump’s tweet shocked the Pentagon squeeze office

Under the Obama organization, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter chose to start to take a gander at this issue and the restorative treatment trans benefit individuals would be experiencing and how to do it. He reported in June 2016 “that transgender people will now have the capacity to straightforwardly serve in the U.S. military.”

The web and LGBTQ activists were irate with Trump’s choice. Taking to Twitter, many impacted the president for deceiving Americans amid the 2016 crusade in which he vowed measure up to insurance under the law for all LGBTQ natives. Amusingly, the day denotes the commemoration of Executive Order 9981, in which President Harry Truman incorporated the U.S. military.