‘They didn’t include rape’: Watch Bill Maher’s ‘Real Time’ panel brutally tear apart the Ten Commandments

follow site Written by August 12th 2017


buy accutane usa An “Real Time” exchange about whether agnostics are moral took a diverting turn on HBO Friday night when Bill Maher’s “Extra minutes” board investigated what was incorporated into the Ten Commandments and what was left off.

Noted nonbeliever Richard Dawkin has the ball rolling when inquired as to why Christians think skeptics are corrupt.

“On the off chance that you consider why they believe that,” Dawkins recommended, “this is on the grounds that they think we don’t have a God investigating our shoulder, administering everything. An extraordinary spy-camera in the sky taking a gander at us. So we should be unethical.”

“I believe this is on the grounds that the Ten Commandments are in the Bible and they feel that is the super awesome rundown, ” have Maher included, to which Dawkin’s answered, “They don’t comprehend what the Ten Commandments are.”

Taking note of the late Christopher Hitchens once remarked that Christians for reasons unknown expected to hear “Thou shalt not slaughter,” from Moses, Dawkins taunted Bible adherents saying, “Goodness, thou shalt not execute, we never thought of that!”

“It’s such a moronic rundown,” Maher included, “Just two of them are laws. The initial four, I believe, are just about God’s conscience.”

With that the board heaped on Ten Commandments and a portion of the “principles’ in Leviticus — with Maher expressing, “Assault? That is not on the rundown?”

Watch the video beneath by means of HBO on YouTube: