Tennessee Woman Kicked Out Of Apartment’s Pool Because That “Your Swimsuit Excite Teen Boys”

see Written by June 28th 2017

A woman who lives in East Tennessee was kicked out of her apartment’s pool due to fears that teenage boys who live there would get excited.

During an interview with local news station http://cahomeloanpro.com/real-estate/page/3/ WTVR, Tori Jenkins said a woman asked her to leave because of her pink one-piece bathing suit.

“She basically told me that if I didn’t have kids, I wouldn’t understand,” Jenkins said. “If her kids were at the pool she wouldn’t want me in that swimsuit, how inappropriate I looked.”

She said that the woman insisted she put on shorts or go to a part of the pool where the boys could not see her.

Jenkins’ fiancé, Tyler Newman, wrote about the incident on Facebook, where it first drew attention.

“She was told that her body because it’s built more curvy than others, is too inappropriate for children to be around,” Newman told go here WTVR. “She was told there are a lot of teenage boys in this complex, and you don’t need to excite them.”

The apartment complex gave a statement to the TV station denying that she was ever told that teenage boys were getting excited due to her bathing suit. They claim that “one of our leasing consultants requested Ms. Jenks wrap a towel around herself when she was walking around the pool.”