Steve Deace Calls For Cleansing To Stop “Rainbow Jihad’s Bloodlust” Against Haters

The Religious Right is taking advantage of the situation created by an ill-advised BuzzFeed story about the anti-LGBT views of the pastor of the church that is attended by a couple who star in their own home improvement show on cable TV. The story has turned into a Christmas gift of sorts for conservative groups by giving them another example of how conservative Christians in America are being persecuted even though Donald Trump’s win gave them more political power. The story is being falsely portrayed as if there was some campaign against the couple and their show.

Right-wing Iowa radio host Steve Deace also joined in during his ‘Conservative Review’ commentary on Monday, saying the BuzzFeed story is an example of “the left’s insatiable bloodlust.”

The Rainbow Jihad’s bloodlust is insatiable, and if it isn’t the Gaines that they come back for to conquer, it will certainly be someone else.

We aren’t dealing with people who merely disagree with us or are skeptical of our faith and logic. If that were the case, the strongest desire they would have would be to best our arguments in the standard intellectual fields of battle. That is the last place they want to make their case, though, for they know at least to some degree how unstable the ground is on which they stand.

No, they seek something far different than debate, honest or otherwise. They seek destruction.

And make no mistake, that can’t be dismissed as mere hyperbole. Those who seek to be the salt of the earth and a city on the hill are Enemy No. 1 to a significant swath of the American public, which hasn’t just forsaken our heritage but seeks to unravel it.