Shoebat Calls To Execute Women That Had Abortion: “Those Slut’s Had A Choice To Keep Their Legs Closed”

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follow Theodore Shoebat is a radical conservative and staunch devotee of Donald Trump’s who rarely shies away from expressing his opinions. Last night was no exception as Shoebat posted a video lauding Donald Trump’s fleeting declaration that women who had had abortions need to be put to book for their actions. In his post, Shoebat put it across that ‘’sluts’’ who engage in abortions do not deserve to live.

“You pro-life bastards!” the activist yelled, directing his tirade to the anti – choice lobby groups who took a stance against Trump’s ideas. “You are useless scum. Bastards. Pigs. Swine. Lower than the devils that you claim to be fighting against because you do not follow the law of God.”

Shoebat recently made headlines when he was cast in Janet Porter’s anti – gay film ‘’Light Wins’’ with a handful of Republican presidential hopefuls, Congress members and some championing anti – gay advocates. Moving in line with his religious stance, he quoted Leviticus, stating that  “all these sluts who kill their own children”  should have their lives terminated as well.

“They had a choice to keep their legs closed,” he snorted. “They could have controlled themselves, and they got the abortions and they murdered their own children. Let me tell you something, I believe in the death penalty for these women and I believe that God himself agrees with me.”