Robertson: “The Best Is To Sit On The Sidelines And Let The Gays And Muslims Kill Each Other”

http://modul.nl/ Written by June 14th 2016

PhotoCredit: Flicker

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buy provigil in nigeria Televangelist Pat Robertson responded to the mass killing at a gay club in Florida by going on “The 700 Club” today and claimed that liberals who defend and love LGBT equality also support radical Islamist.

Robertson says that the so-called progressives have been in a predicament since the shooting, since they support both LGBT equality and Islamic extremism. He asked conservatives like himself enjoy the situation and just sit back while the two groups kill each other.

“The left is having a dilemma of major proportions and I think for those of us who disagree with some of their policies, the best thing to do is to sit on the sidelines and let them kill themselves,” he said.

Robertson went on to talk about how the liberals are trying to rationalize what happened:

“We’re looking at a favored group by the left, the homosexuals, and that in Islam is punishable by death or imprisonment or some sanction, so what are the left going to do? How are they going to describe it? And they don’t know quite what to do now. The fact that this Islamic gentleman opens fire in a gay nightclub and kills almost 50 homosexuals. That says something and tells the fact that Islam is against homosexuality, so the liberals are going to be scrambling to find some rationale, I think they’re going to have a hard time doing it.”

Robertson also blames Obama for not being tough enough on terrorism while continuing to defend Islam as a non-violent religion.