Right-Wingers Pitch Screaming Fit Over ‘Terrifying’ Burqa Women — Who Turned Out To Be Just Bus Seats

An anti-Islamic, conservative gathering from Norway sounded an earnest red caution about busloads of ladies in Burqas being brought into their nation and gave a photograph as confirmation — just to end up noticeably a worldwide fool when the “unnerving” Islamic ladies turned out to be six discharge transport seats.

The Guardian said that the Norwegian gathering Fedrelandet viktigst — “Mother country First” — posted the photograph on its Facebook page, calling it “grievous and startling.”

“This looks truly alarming,” thought of one of Fatherland First’s 13,000 individuals. “Ought to be restricted. You can’t tell who’s underneath. Could be fear mongers.”

Analysts estimated that the puzzle ladies could be carrying weapons or suicide vests under their garments.

“Horrible. This ought to never happen,” composed another part. Different remarks included: “Get them out of our nation – startling circumstances we are living in” and “I thought it would resemble this in the year 2050, yet it is occurring now.”

The photograph was posted as a joke by columnist Johan Slåttavik, who needed to perceive how quick a fake news story could spread.

“I’m stunned at how much despise and fake news is spread [on the Fedrelandet viktigst page]. Such a great amount of scorn against purge transport situates positively demonstrates that partiality wins out finished shrewdness,” composed Norwegian writer Sindre Beyer.