Rev. RG Green: “No True Christian Woman Should Experience The Perversion Of The Female Orgasm”

here Written by January 6th 2018

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In a recent post on the Landover Baptist Church Forum, Reverend R.G. Green took on the “elusiveness” of the female orgasm, calling it a “gateway sin” and a “myth.”

“I have recently been reading up on the myth of ‘The Female Orgasm.’ Today in our secular society, we find that most women discuss this disgusting perversion, thinking it is normal. Well, that is just NOT true! No Godly woman would ever wish to experience such a thing. It is a gateway sin!” the Reverend wrote.

He went on to claim that “the FACT is that only a third of women experience the ‘female orgasm’ during intercourse, while others need to use some sort of ‘artificial stimulation’ to achieve it,” further mentioning “vibrating spinning plastic tallywhackers” and “sex machines.”

Green then took it even further: “Only a third of women achieve an orgasm during intercourse! Well, friends, I think we can all guess what kind of ‘women’ we’re talking about here! Whores, witches, perverts, sexual deviants!” adding that “the other 10% percent” of women who can’t achieve an orgasm “must be Godly Christian women.”

The piece de resistance came when he made the claim that “sex is for making babies, not for your enjoyment.” Green also added that “women should not sweat or perspire during sex, should not moan like animals, should not act like filthy whores during sex and should not have an orgasm.”

In fact, he added, “REAL women should lie quite still, keep silent, and close their eyes during sex,” in addition to having to “pray to God during sex, that he grants her a healthy fully-formed Christian child.”

The obviously-inspired Reverend Green ended his post by stating that he “would liken female orgasm to pedophilia, as women who experience such repugnant states while making a child are simply sick in the head…it is unnatural and sick.”