Rep. Jody Hice: “God Has Given This Country, This Turf To Christians”

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


During a “Congressional Pastors Briefing” in Washington D.C., which was put together by ultraconservative David Barton, Republican Rep. Jody Hice of Georgia told the attending right-wing Christian pastors that “this is our country.”

The gathering celebrated the GOP’s plans to repeal the Johnson Amendment, allowing tax-exempt non-profit organizations, including religious organizations, to publically support and oppose candidates running for public office. Hice then told the group of Christian pastors that God has given America back to Christians.

“If there is anything I want to leave you [with] today, it is a genuine, heartfelt thank you for just the deep awareness that we are in this thing together,” Hice said. “This is our country, it’s our turf and God has placed us here to be stewards at such a time as this and to stand in the gap.”