‘Quite Bizarre’: Robin Roberts’ Reply Is Priceless After Trump Tweets Classified Intel He Saw On Fox & Friends

follow url Written by August 8th 2017


http://paterson-associates.co.uk/property-search/?location=kilmarnock BC Good Morning America have Robin Roberts on Tuesday said that she discovered President Donald Trump’s fixation on Fox and Friends to be “odd.”

While addressing ABC White House journalist Jonathan Karl, GMA have George Stephanopoulos noticed that Trump had spent the morning retweeting Fox and Friends, including one story that uncovered U.S. spy satellites distinguished that North Korea has not ended its rocket tests.

cymbalta 20 mg price “The president as of now up and dynamic on Twitter early today,” Stephanopoulos clarified. “He appears to be basically to be doing a running analysis on Fox and Friends — to be watching Fox and Friends and retweeting their stories.”

“It’s truly something different,” Karl concurred. “We’ve seen this again and again. Early today, most fascinating that he’s retweeted a story on Fox and Friends, it is by all accounts in light of a break of characterized data about spy satellites over North Korea, U.S. spy satellites. Precisely the sort of releases the White House has been denouncing. Yet, there the president is, clearly intrigued on what’s on Fox and Friends and retweeting the story.”

“Furthermore, what so unusual about that is apparently this is the sort of thing he could gain from his own particular knowledge authorities,” Stephanopoulos said. “However, he appears to promote it when he sees it on TV.”

“Better believe it,” Karl answered. “He gets the Presidential Daily Brief somewhat later in the morning. The main brief clearly is Fox and Friends.”

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Roberts could be heard snickering out of sight while Karl was finishing up his report. What’s more, as Stephanopoulos hurled back to her, she found the ideal two words to portray the president’s conduct: “very odd.”

Watch the video underneath from ABC.