Phil Robertson: “Gay Americans Are The Reason 160,000 People Were Murdered In Iraq”

PhotoCredit: Wikimedia commons

This past weekend at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, Colorado, Phil Robertson – the dad from Duck Dynasty – told a crowd of attendees how he knows for a fact the Jesus is really the son of God.

“If your calendar is dated of all the human beings who have ever walked on the Earth, and your calendar is dedicated and predicated to just one of ’em, evidently something rather large went down,” Robertson explained.

He fails to mention, however, that the calendar also dedicated months to Roman gods such as Janus and Mars.

He also went on to blame gay and transgender Americans for the 160,000 murders that occurred in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“When you allow men to determine what’s right and what’s wrong, you get decisions like the five judges saying, ‘I may not know we have 7,000 years of history of men marrying women. A male and a female. For that reason, they’ll leave their father and mother and cleave to one and other and become one flesh. I know it’s been that way for 7,000 years, but we know best for what’s everybody.’” Robertson said, referring to the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling to legalize same-sex marriage.

Robertson accused transgender people for the collapse of western civilization. “Now there’s grown men barging in on you ladies while you’re putting your Maybelline on,” he continued. “Here’s a newsflash, you see this,” he said, pulling on his beard. “This be male.”