Pat Robertson Warns: “Your Sons Should Not Hangout With Your Daughters Because They Have Monthly Periods”

go Written by November 30th 2016

PhotoCredit: Flicker


http://oceanadesigns.net/images/granite/costa-smeralda/costa-smeralda.jpg A viewer asked “The 700 Club” host Pat Robertson today if she was wrong to tell her two sons not to hang out with her daughter for the holidays since her daughter no longer speaks to her and her husband.

Robertson took the side of the viewer and agreed that her sons should not see their sister during the holidays since it her decision not to speak with her parents.

He suggested that the family seek some therapy and then on to claim that the daughter’s issues stem from the fact that “women have these cycles every month.”

“These are hormonal things that go on at puberty and so forth and the little slights can kick somebody off,” he said.