Pat Robertson: “People With Sclerosis Are Demonic And Can Only Be Healed If They Are Rebuked In Jesus’ Name And Tell Their Bodies ‘You Will Be Whole’”

PhotoCredit: Flicker


During the ‘Bring It On’ part of “The 700 Club” show on Wednesday, Pat Robertson was told by a supporter with multiple sclerosis (MS) that she feels “abandoned by God” because although she is a regular viewer of his show in hopes of being touched during the faith healing part of the show, she has yet to heal. Now she wonders, “is healing not for everyone?”

Robertson assured her that God made healing for everyone and that he has been personally involved in the miraculous healings of people with MS.

“I know this sounds strange but I do believe there is a spiritual component in MS, it’s like a demonic—it’s one of those things that you literally have to cast out,” he said. “I have seen people with MS get up out of a wheelchair and push the wheelchair out of the room where we were. I’ve seen it. I’ve been involved in it.”

He did however, tell the viewer to “check with an endocrinologist to see if there’s something, some chemical or something that could be done that would build up that immune system that you’ve got or if it’s something that you’re eating that’s causing a problem,” Robertson also insisted that “you need in the name of Jesus to rebuke that thing and to say to your body, ‘You will be whole!’”