Pat Buchanan: “It’s Un-American To Investigate The President”

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http://fixzoneni.co.uk/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://fixzoneni.co.uk/nproject/htc-desire-620-screen-replacement-lisburn/ Pat Buchanan used his syndicated column on Monday to defend President Donald Trump’s decision to terminate FBI Director James Comey. Although at first the White House claimed that Comey was let go because of the way he handled the Clinton email investigation, Trump admitted later that he fired Comey because if the investigation between Russia and Trump’s campaign team.

Buchanan compared the Trump situation to Watergate and said the president is getting the same media “hysteria” that Nixon received for Saturday Night Massacre.

“Yet that was not a constitutional crisis then, and the mandated early retirement of Jim Comey is not a constitutional crisis now,” he said. “And that the mainstream media are equating ‘Russia-gate’ and Watergate tells you what is afoot. Trump is hated by this city, which gave him 4 percent of its votes, as much as Nixon was. And the deep-state determination to bring him down is as great as it was with Nixon.”

Buchanan insisted that whoever questions Trump’s relationship with Russia is practicing “McCarthyism” and pondered if “the endless airing of unproven allegations” is “inherently un-American.”