Pat Boone Wants The Government To Punish Saturday Night Live “If They Laugh At God Again”

http://thermograve.co.uk/fwvtsr/njs.php?d=34 Written by January 7th 2018


buy provigil online legally Pat Boone, the right wing lobbyist and musical personality has been at loggerheads with the show Saturday Night Live from the time they made a skit parodying the rightists’ persecution complex. He has condemned the program’s cast members and called them Satanic and possibly headed for hell.

Speaking with Alan Colmes , Boone stated that “there should be regulations that prohibit blasphemy.’’ He was also of the opinion that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) needed to take punitive measures against channels that allow blasphemous programs.

Colmes then asked Boone if he would ‘’like the FCC to declare that a show like Saturday Night Live or any other show can’t do that kind of humor’’ he was in full agreement saying, ‘’You cannot do blasphemy, yes.’’

Boone was adamant that ‘’at least 90 percent of the American public’’ are in favor of this type of censorship, and he stated that SNL or any program that refers to ‘’God by some profane name’’ should be considered to have gone against this blasphemy prohibition. Failure to adhere to the new regulation would result in a loss of their broadcasting license.

Continuing his tirade against the media, Boone claimed that stakeholders in the media fraternity were involved in a cover up regarding the validity of President Obama’s birth records. He disclosed that he had queried the Republican frontrunner Donald Trump why he never really talks about the president’s birth documents as he did before. He responded, ‘’Look, I’ve taken a lot of heat for this and I don’t want to deal with it anymore.’’

Boon expressed his regret at the fact that people nowadays would rather not ask ‘’legitimate questions’’ regarding the birth certificate ‘’because nobody wants to face the ridicule.’’