Pastor Tom Horn: “Trump Is Probably The Messiah, Or At Least John The Baptist”

Televangelist Jim Bakker invited several End Times preachers to his show Monday to talk about the apocalyptic implications of Donald Trump winning the election.

Tom Horn, one of the guests who has also written several Last Days-themed books, spent a good amount of time claiming that “rabbis” have revealed that the President-elect could be the messiah, or a precursor to the coming of the messiah, like John the Baptist.

“They’re looking at Donald Trump” as the messiah, Horn said of “the rabbis,” claiming that Trump’s name “actually means ‘messiah.’”

Some of the reasons Horn gave for why Trump is probably the messiah is that the future president is a kingly and warrior-like commander who will protect Israel and rebuild the Temple of Jerusalem.

If Trump is not the messiah, said Horn, then he must be “the forerunner” to the Son of God who “will start the message in the wilderness and the messiah is going to come in on his heels.”

Horn claims that if Trump is only a John the Baptist-like figure, then his presidency will is a sign that the beginning of the “countdown to the appearance of the messiah.”

The “rabbis” who “do think he is the messiah,” Horn said, are trying to find proof that Trump’s “bloodline goes back to the Davidic dynasty.”

Horn also said the Antichrist will also appear soon, but is in no way Trump.

“I’m just saying.”