Pastor Tim Littleton: “Lot Offering His Daughters To The Crowd Proves That Gays Are Evil”


Among the many speakers at the Texas MassResistance Pro-Family Conference held at the beginning of this month in Austin included Alabama pastor Tim Littleton, who gave a different interpretation of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah.

In Genesis 19, two angels visited Lot in the Town of Sodom. Lot showed them great hospitality and insisted that they spend the evening at his home. Soon, a group of men from town surrounded the home and demanded that the angels be sent out “so that we can have sex with them,” but Lot declined and instead suggested his two virgin daughters.

When the men refused, the angels struck the men with blindness as Lot and is family fled the town before God utterly destroyed it.

According to Littleton, Lot offered his daughters to the men because Lot and his family were already corrupted by the gay agenda the town pushed.

“What happened to Lot’s family when he decided to live in the city of Sodom, when he set up his home there, he raised his family there, he lost the two daughters and their husbands,” Littleton said. “They wouldn’t even listen to him, they were already lost. He tried to intervene to save these angels and the angels had to show their power even to save his household. He was so distorted because he had become influential in the city and at the city gates … He was sitting there, willing to offer his two virgin daughters to those men to satiate them. This agenda can ruin your family. Don’t let it happen!”