Pastor Lytell: “Women Must Meet Their Men At The Door Looking Like A Million Bucks”

buy gabapentin 300 mg online Written by June 30th 2017

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Stay-at-home mothers should meet their husbands at the door looking “all spiffed up,” Florida pastor Bill Lytell told his congregation in an August sermon about being a good “manager.” In a sermon posted by the website “Stuff Fundies Like,” the pastor lays out quite a tall order for women.

Women who stay at home with children and don’t have a “secular job” are responsible for a laundry list of items, Lytell said, including buying groceries and making sure the house is kept “impeccable,” having the baby fed and squared away and having a hot meal waiting when their husbands get home.

And on top of that, women must meet their men at the door looking like “a million bucks.” In April, Lytell also said that he was proud of a “male leadership” sign outside the church and that this is a man’s world.

“Don’t you be ashamed to go to a church with male leadership,” Lytell said at the time. “Every church that’s right with God oughta have a sign: ‘Male Leadership.’ Because that’s the only kind of leadership, both from Adam all the way to the last part of the Bible. It’s all been male. This is a man’s world!”