Pastor Allen Joyner Calls On Military Personal To Shoot People In The Crowd That Refuse To Stand For The Anthem

Pastor Allen Joyner, who also volunteers as a high school football announcer, received a lot of criticism for telling the crowd that if they didn’t stand for the national anthem, they should be shot.

The Alabama Pastor of the Sweet Home Baptist Church announced over a speaker that anyone in the crowd that doesn’t want to stand should line up and prepare to be executed by the United States military, according to AL.com.

“If you don’t want to stand for the national anthem, you can line up over there by the fence and let our military personnel take a few shots at you since they’re taking shots for you,” he announced  before the game at McKenzie High School, according to a Facebook post — since removed — by Denise Crowley-Whitfield, who attended the game.

Joyner most likely made the comments in response to the protest by NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who refuses to stand for the national anthem because of the way African-Americans are treated in the U.S., other have followed suit as well.

Butler County School Superintendent Amy Bryan immediately released a statement denouncing Joyner’s actions: “Patriotism should be a part of school events but threats of shooting people who aren’t patriotic, even in jest, have no place at a school. Threats of violence are a violation of school policy and certainly not condoned by the school board.”