‘Ok… you’re not going to answer that?’: Anderson Cooper hammers Jeffrey Lord for Trump vacation hypocrisy

buy accutane online with prescription Written by August 5th 2017

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http://antiquewarehousemall.com/category/styles/danish-modern/ On “AC360,” CNN have Anderson Cooper held preservationist analyst Jeffrey Lord’s feet to the fire on Donald Trump traveling such a great amount following quite a while of assaulting Barack Obama for traveling.

“Yet, Jeff, wasn’t that two-faced then similarly as it’s tricky now?” Cooper asked the traditionalist savant.

“I’m simply saying, this is the thing that happens,” Lord said.

Cooper held on and started re-posing the inquiry, when Lord intruded.

“I believe it’s political and it happens constantly,” Lord expressed.

Cooper again posed the inquiry.

“Anderson, let me be not kidding about this,” Lord grumbled.

“Alright… you’re not going to answer that,” Cooper closed.

Donald Trump has taken more get-away days in 7 months than Obama did in 8 years, in spite of Trump griping about Obama’s excursions in 16 tweets.