North Carolina Sheriff Gives Reporter Who Questioned Him About A Prayer Event A Condescending Lecture

A reporter received a condescending lecture on ethics from a sheriff from North Carolina after questioning him about promoting a prayer event on his official website,

According to The Herald-Sun, Anne Graham Lotz lead a prayer service on June 24 at the Ashe County Sheriff’s Office and was organized by Sheriff Terry Buchanan and promoted on his agency’s official website and social media sites.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation objected to Buchanan’s role in putting the event together and insisted that he be removed from office for violating state law by promoting religion on the job.

Jefferson Post reporter Jesse Campbell asked Buchanan for a comment, to which he responded with a lecture on professionalism.

“Your personal bias is evident in your reporting,” Buchanan said via email, sounding very much like President Donald Trump. “This is unfortunate considering the current state of our nation because of fake news.”

“The good and honest folks of Ashe County who spend their hard earn money to buy your papers are seeking truth in reporting and not personal opinions,” Buchanan said. “The attachment I’ve included on this email is the ethics code for journalist. If you desire to be a real journalist and to make this a career, I think reporting the truth is an awesome beginning.”

Buchanan, who was appointed by the board of commissioners, has a reputation for lashing out at reporters.

After a Charlotte-based TV reporter requested records from his office back in March, Buchanan said, “We have a political divide. We are going to let an outside reporter come in and start investigating the sheriff’s office? We have a small platform in the last three months, so my paper trail is very small. This is a former administration standing out and getting a reporter finding out what’s going on. This takes away from our job. I don’t understand where this comes from. I know this is political. I know they are asking for information to bring out certain things.”