Nonprofit Database Tags Anti-LGBTQ Christian Groups With SPLC ‘Hate Group’ Designation And They Are Freaking Out About It

http://newenglandsoundlight.com/ Written by June 26th 2017

PhotoCredit: Wikimedia commons

A non-profit resource that makes tax documents available for charities has enraged anti-LGBTQ Christian nonprofit groups by utilizing the database at the Southern Poverty Law Center and tagging all of them as a “hate group.”

The http://dustinhallphotography.ca/halifax-wedding-photographer-dustin-hall-the-lifestyle-sessions-sharon-and-brent/ Friendly Atheist reports that the charity database source link GuideStar, which describes itself as “the world’s largest source of information on nonprofit organizations,” now also received information from the SPLC.

Alliance Defending Freedom, Liberty Counsel, Family Research Council, and the American Family Association all support anti-LGBTQ policies and have made the list as a Christian non-profit who are considered a “hate group.” Liberty counsel made national news when they offered legal representation to Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis, who infamously refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.

Also registered as a “hate group” is  the American Freedom Defense Initiative, known for their anti-Muslim views and led by conservative activist Pam Geller.

Guidestar wrote on their website: “The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is a respected hate group watchdog. There is disagreement on some of SPLC’s specific choices, but on balance GuideStar believes the analysis is strong enough to share. We leave it to you to come to your own conclusions.”

The groups are worried that being designated as a “hate group” will cut into their cash haul and has attacked Guidestar for “liberal bias.”

“The only purpose of providing the SPLC false and dangerous ‘hate group’ label is to push a liberal political agenda designed to hurt good organizations,” said Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel.

Some of these organizations have come together to write a letter to Guidestar CEO Jacob Harold.

“Despite its denials to the contrary, this highly refined method of ostracism and dehumanization practiced by the SPLC isn’t just about verbal debate – it can foreseeably lead to violence,” the letter read. “The SPLC’s primary goal is to achieve the political submission of its opponents, but its practice of sustained demonization in one’s community – which is what a “hate map” is all about – inflames passions of hatred and animus against its targets.”