New Study Proves Connection Between Brain Damage And Religious Fundamentalism

source Written by May 13th 2017


The journal buy you a drank lyrics Neuropsychologia, a new study was published showing that people with functional impairment in the part of the brain known as the prefrontal cortex, have a tendency to be religious fundamentalist. According to the finding, damage to certain parts of the prefrontal cortex indirectly causes religious fundamentalism because openness and cognitive flexibility are diminished, a personality trait which psychologists describes as a personality trait which includes curiosity, open-mindedness and creativity.

cost of doxycycline Religious fundamentalism is an idea that stresses traditional religious teachings and rituals and prevents progressive thinking about social issues and religion. Fundamentalists are usually against anything that may question or challenge their religion or way of life. Because of this, they tend to be aggressive towards anyone who does not share their beliefs.

Because religion plays such a major role in influencing human behavior all throughout the world, it is important that religious fundamentalism is understood from a psychological and neurological point of view.