Mormon Leader Dieter Uchtdorf: “The Existence Of The IPhone Proves That Angels Spoke With Joseph Smith”

PhotoCredit: Flicker

According to the Book of Mormon, the angel Moroni gave Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon Church, golden plates which contained magical information and supernatural knowledge. Unable to read the “reformed Egyptian” text, he used “seer stones” to magically translate the language for him.

Mormon leader Dieter Uchtdorf, who serves as a “Second Counselor in the First Presidency” in the church, recently claimed that the iPhone proves that angels spoke with Joseph Smith and that the “seer stones” are real.

“I can get the collected knowledge of the world through a few little inputs,” Uchtdorf wrote on a Facebook post with a picture of him holding up his iPhone. “I can take a photo or a video with my phone and share it with family on the other side of our planet. I can even translate anything into or from many different languages!”

Uchtdorf believes that if Steve Jobs can create the iPhone, God can certainly create his own version of a smartphone to read the golden plates.

“If it is possible for me to access the knowledge of the world through my phone, who can question that seer stones are impossible for God?” he asked.

Like in many religions, “seer stones” represents a sacred object of faith like the tablets containing the ten-commandments from the story of Moses.