Michele Bachmann: “The left Is Trying To Build The Tower Of Babel In The USA To Reject Our Judeo-Christian Truth”

go site Written by April 6th 2017

PhotoCredit: Wikimedia commons


follow site During an interview on Last Days’ radio show “Understanding the Time with Jan Markell” last week, former Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann claimed that the left are responsible for the rise of the Antichrist.

Bachmann claimed Trump’s rivals are like the people who built the Tower of Babel and are going against God in an effort to bring “the creation of a manmade, one-world system. And scripture tells us that in the End Times, that is what Antichrist will be, he will be a part of a one-world system.”

order tofranil for “There are people who reject Judeo-Christian truth and instead want to insert and usurp control of all of our lives with a global, economic and political government,” she said.