Michele Bachmann: “Democrats Civilized Jihad By Electing A Muslim Woman”

http://viewtific.com/wp-includes/info/reverse-name-lookup-ip-mac-address-find.html Written by August 11th 2016

PhotoCredit: Wikimedia commons

watch After hearing the news that a Muslim-American woman won a Democratic primary for a position in the Minnesota State House, Michelle Bachman warned Americans about the Democrat’s plan to help “civilization jihad” and spread the Sharia law.

With no evidence to prove her statements, the former Congresswomen of Minnesota continued to claim that Ilhan Ohmar believes in “civilized jihad” and the implementation of Sharia law in an interview yesterday with WorldNetDaily.

Also agreeing with her opinions were End Times host Jan Markell and ACT! For America coordinator Debra Anderson. They accused Omar of deceiving the American people into thinking she is patriotic and, like all Muslim-Americans, her real plan is to bring Sharia law to our country.

“The Democratic Party rejects the idea of civilization jihad as advanced by the Muslim Brotherhood,” said Michele Bachmann. “Who’s laughing now?”

Jan Markell, said many Minnesota Christians will be praying that Omar is “a productive part of our political process and not an advocate of Sharia law.”

“She believes America is oppressive, classic Islamic worldview,” Anderson said of Omar’s platform, which is on her website. “Throughout, she uses progressive speak, policies that, if enacted, will ultimately promote the incremental accommodation to Islam.”

“She is following the example of Mohammad: Settle. Seek power through politics. Once power is achieved, impose Islamic law.”

“Their extensive co-opting of American ideas and words overwhelm me. I don’t know where to even begin to counter their lies.”

“Democrats don’t realize that Sharia-sympathetic politicians see the supplanting of the U.S. Constitution by Sharia, in addition to other U.S. laws, as their ultimate goal,” Bachmann said. “This isn’t far-fetched.”

“The Democratic Party may think they are brilliantly adding coalitions under their inclusive umbrella,” Bachmann said. “But they fail to realize their power will be quashed sooner than they can say ‘Sharia.’”