Michael Savage To Mike Pence: “We Need To Limit Immigration Because They Always Vote For Democrats”

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Photocredit: Youtube


http://cahomeloanpro.com/wp-login.php?redirect_to=http://cahomeloanpro.com/wp-admin/ Ultraconservative talk show host Michael Savage welcomed special guest Vice President Mike Pence on his show Wednesday and begged Pence to enact strict limits on both legal and illegal immigration to America before the country becomes “a one-party state” like California.

Savage, who is known for his off the wall conspiracy theories, was in constant contact with Donald Trump during his presidential campaign and even met with him recently at Mar-a-Lago. The far right-wing host reveled in the fact that Trump is “talking about all the things that I’ve lived for all these years,” especially the need to get tough on immigration.

strattera price without insurance “Unless we stop the flood of massive numbers of new people who come into this country legally or illegally who almost always vote Democrat, we’ll never ever have a Republican administration,” Savage said. “It will be just like California, which is a one-party state. I truly believe that if I can send one message to yourself and the president, yeah, the security of the nation, sure, but it’s all connected to illegal immigration, I think you all know that by the way.”

Pence not only agreed with Savage, but pointed out a similar statement the Trump made last year and praised the talk show host for being “in the forefront of a call for decisive action in this country to end illegal immigration,” before promising to “end illegal immigration once and for all.”