Lion Decides To Prove That God Doesn’t Exist By Biting Christian Prophet’s Buttocks

An outpouring of the Holy Spirit nearly cost a Christian Prophet his life after he chose to ‘challenge’ lions that roam free in the Kruger National Park.

Alec Nidwane, a prophet from the Zion Christian Church had been on a game drive along with his congregants, upon which he fell into a spiritual reverie and started speaking in tongues, the GhanaWeb reported. It so happened that the touring  group came across a pride of lion that was feeding on an antelope. Ndiwane then bolted towards the lions without notice.

Given that people are the primary threat to big cats such as lions, according to Out To Africa, the animals’ natural instinct was to defending themselves in what may have seemed to them, like an impending attack. Taking in the situation in all its horror, Ndiwane came to his senses and turned to escape from the advancing lions. The fast moving and agile felines, however, easily outpaced the fleeing  prophet, as they gave chase, hot on his heels. One of the lions scraped at Ndiwani with her massive paws, doing massive damage to the man’s buttocks.

Sensing the tragedy that was imminent, a game ranger shot his gun into the air, and scattered the lions. He took the opportunity to rescue Ndiwani, who was then whisked off to hospital. On arrival, he had to go through emergency reconstructive surgery in order to save what remained of his hindquarters.

In retrospect, Ndiwane admitted, ‘’I do not know what came over me.’’ He continued, ‘’I thought the Lord wanted to use me to show his power over animals. Is it not we were given dominion over all creatures of the earth.’’ Upon completion of the successful operation, he was free to leave having been committed to bed rest overnight at the hospital.