Lance Wallnau Calls On Christians To Pray Away The Impeachment Of Trump

Photo Credit: Vimeo

Far right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau streamed a video Monday night on Periscope where boldly and forcefully prayed away the possibility of President Donald Trump getting impeached.

“We’re thanking you, Lord, for Donald Trump,” Wallnau proclaimed. “We pray that a grace will come upon him now.”

The ultraconservative also prayed that Attorney General Jeff Sessions “will be the bulletproof monk” when he goes before the Senate Intelligence committee. He also prayed that there will be “an angel editing what comes out of his mouth” and that “the questioning will fall apart.”

He also asked that God “bring alignment within the people in Washington with your agenda and those that aren’t aligned, I thank you, Lord, that you shall bring up those in their place who will be aligned  … I pray that you will put down those that need to be removed and put up those that need to be promoted.”

“Tapes, obstruction of justice, impeach; we cut off every word, in Jesus name!” Wallnau bellowed. “Tapes, dissolve away. Obstruction of justice, melt away. Impeachment, bye bye, in Jesus name.”