Lance Wallnau: “Airstrike On Syria Is A Prophetic Sign That Trump Is Going To Give The Church Back Its Nerve”

Photo Credit: Vimeo


Last Friday, ultraconservative preacher Lance Wallnau posted a video on Periscope in which he lauded President Donald Trump for dropping bombs on Syria for using chemical weapons and insisted that the president’s actions were a prophetic sign for the Christian church in the U.S.A..

“Nerve gas!” Wallnau exclaimed. “Look at the symbolism of this. You know, Donald Trump said in a meeting I was at, he said the number one thing he noticed most about American pastors—and I thought he was going to say love, dedication, faith—he said, ‘The number one thing I’ve noticed with American pastors is fear.”

After bashing Christians who are against repealing the Johnson Amendment, which doesn’t allow tax-exempt nonprofit organizations, including churches, from endorsing or going against a candidate running for office, Wallnau claims that the bombing was a prophetic sign that the church, under Trump, is “going to get its nerve back.”

“Nerve gas! The reason why that’s prophetic is the fact that the church in America has lost its nerve,” Wallnau said. “God’s going to give us the ability to get our nerve back because it was a nerve gas attack that Syria did, Assad did, and the church is going to get its nerve back.”