Ken Ham Calls On Christians To Reclaim Rainbow From ‘Anti-God’ LGBTQ Movement

Ken Ham of the creationist amass Answers in Genesis, joined the “Washington Watch” radio demonstrate this week with visitor have Ronnie Floyd of the Southern Baptist Convention, to examine his endeavors to “reclaim the rainbow” from the LGBTQ development that is “hostile to God, against Bible, against Christ, against Christian.”

Ham clarified that while the rainbow speaks to “God’s pledge” and an update that “God’s oath is valid” in the Bible, today the rainbow “has turned out to be so connected with a development that is so hostile to God, against Christ, hostile to Christian that I simply trust it’s opportunity that we stood up in the way of life and stated, ‘Guess what? We’re taking the rainbow back.'”

Ham has endeavored to do recently that at his creationist-themed stop, the Ark Encounter, where he has built an “existence measured Noah’s Ark, the length of a football field” that he has chosen to illuminate with the shades of the rainbow “as a sign to the world that God’s statement is valid.”

Ham went ahead to clarify that his endeavors were indispensable on the grounds that “as Christians, on the off chance that we don’t take care of those that are persistently driving their hostile to God motivation on the way of life, we’ll keep on losing our way of life.”

As per Ham, the online reaction to the Ark Encounter has been “abhor filled, loaded with interjections, sexual depravities, and irreverence,” which he contends is symbolic of “the counter Christian opinion in this country, and the vitriol that is conflicting with Christianity.”