Ken Ham Blames Tax-Starved City For The Dreadful Attendance Of His Ark

PhotoCredit: Wikimedia commons

Creationist Ken Ham, who is president of “Christian apologist ministry” Answers in Genesis, wrote an op-ed that once again put the blame on others for the failure of his Noah’s Ark theme park. Ham claims that Williamstown, which paid the $92 million bill for the Ark, did not develop the infrastructure needed to bring visitors to their new “attraction.”

“Williamstown, where the Ark is located, doesn’t have the tourist-related services that Dry Ridge [a neighboring tourist trap] has, so it needs more businesses like hotels and restaurants if it hopes to experience the growth that Dry Ridge is now enjoying,” Ham wrote.

According to The Friendly Atheist, the problem with Ham’s reasoning is that the city has not received any financial incentives to help promote growth since Ham got a “ridiculously low” 30-year property tax rate for a taxpayer-funded theme park.

Employees are also having their paychecks garnished to help pay off park debts.

Patheos reports that employees pay a two percent “job assessment fee on gross wages.”

“In other words,” the article continued, “$2 out of every pre-tax $100 dollars you make will go directly to paying off the for-profit Noah’s Ark attraction.”

I addition to all of the complaining, Ham’s Ark hasn’t even paid the town’s “safety fee,” which is for upgrading emergency response equipment, something that “would help make it even more of a tourist destination.”