Jordan Sekulow Hopes That Under Sessions “DOJ Will No Longer Be Obsessed With Equal Civil Rights”

here Written by January 11th 2017

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http://jenniferblyth.com/concerti/ During a podcast Monday, Jay and Jordan Sekulow, of the Religious Right group American Center for Law and Justice, talked about attorney general nominee Sen. Jeff Sessions and how he is the “most exciting” of all of Donald Trump’s cabinet nominations.

He insists this is a big deal considering the importance of the Justice Department to the ACLJ’s work. Jordan Sekulow claims that under Eric Holder and now Loretta Lynch, the Justice Department has “gotten obsessed with this civil rights issue”:

We also know how politicized the Department of Justice has become, not just under Loretta Lynch but, remember, in most part under Eric Holder. You’ve got, basically, a Department of Justice which is out of control and not really focused where it should be, which is based off its mandate for what its job is to do at the federal government. It’s gotten obsessed with this civil rights issue, and I think that’s, again, you know that part if this confirmation battle is that the left is upset that the Department of Justice will no longer be a liberal, activist arm of the federal government.

According to Sekulow, Obama’s administration used the DOJ as a “way for the executive to execute their policy positions” such as “investigations of police forces” instead of “criminal activity” or “terror.”

Jay Sekulow claimed that Sessions “was friends with black classmates at the University of Alabama Law School in 1970.”

“What they don’t like is he’s a conservative,” Jordan Sekulow said, “and so they’re doing anything possible—he happens to be from a deeply red state, a southern state, and because of that they think they can somehow tie him to what was happening in Alabama at the time in the ‘60s and ‘70s because he came up, obviously, through that.”