John Guandolo: Left-Wing Groups Are ‘The Leading Edge’ In An Islamic Conspiracy To Overthrow The Government

Hostile to Muslim radical John Guandolo told kindred against Muslim dissident and radio host Frank Gaffney yesterday that he accepts numerous dynamic developments, including LGBTQ activists, are partnered in the “last stage” of an Islamic connivance to topple the United States government.

On yesterday’s version of Center for Security Policy’s “Protected Freedom Radio with Frank Gaffney,” Guandolo refered to counter-nonconformists who restricted the racial oppressor Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville prior this month to legitimize his most recent blog entry, in which he guarantees that the Muslim Brotherhood is utilizing “hard-left Marxist/Socialist Communist associations, including Antifa, Black Lives Matters” and other dynamic associations to goad a vicious uprising in the United States.

“They are participating with the Islamic development and the common objective is the topple of the U.S. government,” Guandolo said. “They need the topple of our legislature, the usage of socialism. The Muslims need the oust of the administration and the usage of a Sharia and a caliphate.”

Guandolo went ahead to guarantee that the supposed rough uprising is the “main edge” of a last phase of Islamic scheme to topple the United States government.

“This is the main edge of that last stage,” Guandolo guaranteed. “This is them truly beginning to fasten the brutality up in the quick future.”