Jim Bakker Warns Of The Apoclipse If People Keep Resisting Trump By “Cancelling The Tim Allen Show”

here Written by May 20th 2017

PhotoCredit: Twitter


http://thehighlandhome.org/?p=11 Ultraconservative televangelist Jim Bakker once again warned on last week’s “Revelation in the News” show that going against Trump will bring about violence and result in the Apocalypse and End Times. He also proclaimed that the right-wing media is being persecuted.

Bakker claimed that the constant attacks on the president are evidence that “the Apocalypse has already began” and “the spirit of Antichrist” is growing in America.

robaxin 750 mg muscle relaxant “They want to kill our president, President Trump, with words,” he said. “They want to assassinate his person.”

According to Bakker, trashing Trump is the prophecy of the First Horseman of the Apocalypse being fulfilled. For more proof that liberals are attacking them he referred to the Tim Allen Show being cancelled.

Bakker said “the devil is trying to cut out the voice of the church” and that “they’re eliminating anyone that is pro-Trump from every broadcast; soon, very soon, the only conservatives will be on Christian television and then we’re the next target—write it down!

“They hate Trump,” he continued. “What is this? This is not a normal spirit. This is not a normal hate. This is that spirit of the First Horse of the Apocalypse, which is riding now. It’s the spirit of hatred that’s taking over America and life and death is in the power of the tongue.”