Jim Bakker: ‘’God Told Me That You Need To Buy My Mexican Survival Food”

buy accutane canada pharmacy Written by May 23rd 2016

PhotoCredit: Twitter

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follow site Many a time scripture has been used to peddle different individuals’ agendas and recently Jim Bakker, renowned televangelist did just that. He was advertising his survival food hampers last week. He was imploring prospective customers to buy his $100 ‘’30 – Day Fiesta bucket’’ since the Lord had informed him that ‘’major events’’ are going to take place in the near future.

During the pitch, the broadcasting clergy firstly went into great detail, outlining the contents of the constituent foods that are in the Fiesta Bucket. He was also keen to notify the viewers that the food package ‘’passes the official Mexican test’’ and ‘’is Mexican food that real – life Mexicans approve of.’’ Backer then went on to declare, ‘’I believe there’s going to be some events take place.’’

“I believe there’s going to be major events that’s literally going to, like a shot across the bow, is going to warn us,” he remarked. “God’s been dealing with me. I’m so unrestful about it because I know things are coming.” –