Jim Bakker Calls On Democrats To Stop The Protesters Because “Conservatives Never Marched Against Obama”

follow Written by April 19th 2017

PhotoCredit: Twitter



During a “Revelation in the News” show last week, televangelist Jim Bakker voiced his anger when he heard that several Duquesne University students planned a protest against a planned opening of a Chick-fil-A opening on the school’s campus. The restaurant chain’s owner has been known to speak out against same –sex marriage and homosexuality and even criticized the company’s donations to LGBTQ groups.

When speaking about the protest, he referred to a comment President Trump made about the demonstrations held against him: “We’ve got to stop this destruction, this destructive attitude in the United States of America. You know, the last eight years, I didn’t see any of the so-called right-wing marching against Obama.”

Bakker, who has frequently described the people protesting Trump as demon-possessed people who are mistakenly “blaspheming” the president, seems to have forgotten the many anti-Obama demonstrations held by Tea Party activist, conservative media personalities and anti-abortion groups.