Jesse Lee Peterson: “Trump Is The White Messiah Sent By God To Save America”

PhotoCredit: YouTube


During his program on Tuesday, ultraconservative radio host Jesse Lee Peterson exalted President Donald Trump as the white messiah that God sent to save the United States.

Peterson also voiced his approval of Trump’s behavior when he pushed the prime minister of Montenegro aside to get to the front during a recent NATO summit.

“He goes overseas and those little weak ones try to get in front of him during a photo shoot, he pushed them out of the way,” Peterson rejoiced. “White power. White power! I’m loving it. I love good. I love the light and it doesn’t matter the color of the person that the light is coming from, I love it. I rejoice when I see men and women stand up with the love of God operating through them, overcoming evil.”

“We are so fortunate to have President Trump. It looked like God had given up on us with Obama,” Peterson continued. “I had to get on my knees and God heard my prayer … And then the Lord said, ‘Be cool, Trump is coming. I will send my son and he will save you.’”

“Isn’t it beautiful to see white men and women finally standing up?” he said. “It’s so refreshing, because if white people give up completely, it’s over for the country. It’s the whites who make things happen. Blacks and Mexicans don’t make things happen.”