Jesse Lee Peterson Says Democratic Prayers For Rep. Scalise Are Fake Because “They Are Not Children of God”

PhotoCredit: YouTube

According to what far right-wing activist and radio host Jesse Lee Peterson said on his show Thursday, Democrats are all fake and hate God.

Peterson was responding to reports that Democrats united in prayer in the wake of the shooting of Republican Rep. Steve Scalise and others, which he said was “phony stuff” since Democrats despise God and are “children of Satan.”

“This is not real,” Peterson said. “What are the Democrats praying for? The Democrats are not of God. All of a sudden when Scalise gets shot, when they hear about the shooting, all the children of Satan are going to come together and pray? Please!”

“The Democrats don’t love God,” he continued. “They could care less about God. Their father is Satan and that’s the reality.”

“Democrats are not about morality, they’re not about love, they don’t care about anything but politics and power,” which is why they are trying to destroy American values by supporting things like LGBT rights and “everything that’s bad.”

“Why would you want to pray with the children of Satan?” Peterson asked Republicans. “They serve a different God than you. That’s reality.”