Iowa GOP Bill Will Give Parents The Right To Force Their Raped Daughter To Give Birth If She Is Not Married


Republicans in Iowa have put up an anti-abortion bill that would not only prohibit abortions, but it would also give parents control over the choices their unmarried daughters make about their bodies.

On Wednesday, the state House panel voted to send SF 471, also known as the “personhood” bill, to the full committee. According to the bill, life begins at conception and fetuses should have the same rights as people.

Knowing that the “personhood” provision will not pass the courts, Republicans also includes criminal action against anyone who performs an abortion on a fetus more than 20 weeks old. Although the bill makes exceptions if the mother’s life is in danger, it does not take into account incest or rape.

Iowa House Democrats pointed out that HF 53, which will be succeeded by SF 471, gives parents legal power to stop their unmarried daughters from having an abortion.

The bill sas “injunctive relief to prevent a physician from performing abortions” may be obtained “by a parent or guardian of the woman if the woman is less than eighteen years of age or unmarried at the time the abortion was performed or attempted to be performed.”