Incredible MSNBC Shows Hurricane Irma Sucking Tampa Bay Dry: “The Water Simply Disappeared”

follow link Written by September 10th 2017

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click here Photos and video obtained by MSNBC on Sunday showed that Hurricane Irma had pulled a large portion of the water out of Tampa Bay.

“Here’s the water, it has gone,” NBC editor Cal Perry told MSNBC host Brian Williams. “The water in Tampa Bay is receding into the background.”

“You could live there all your life and not see this sight,” Williams said. “And not see what’s beneath the water you walk by every day.”

“This is literally the storm blowing the water out to sea,” Perry explained.

“The water simply disappeared,” Williams noted later in the broadcast.

Update: The City of Tampa is advising residents that it is dangerous to walk in the bay even though the water has temporarily receded.