GOP Lawmaker To Crying Rape Victim: “I Suffered From Government Intrusion More Than Your Rape”

Photo Credit: Flicker

A recent decision by a Republican senator to dismiss a rape victim’s testimony left Democratic legislators incensed and vying for blood. The party of Democrats was looking to have the senator issue out a statement of apology after the assaulted lady was left in tears, in the wake of the statement.

The Courier – Journal reported that Chairman Dan Seum heard testimony from sexual assault victims who were speaking in line with a bill that was intended on making it mandatory for detained, felony offenders to have DNA samples taken off them.

The Louisville senator was of the opinion that the only plausible result of effecting the ruling would be unwarranted ‘’intrusion.’’ Seum addressed Michelle Kuiper, a sexual assault survivor, saying, ‘’ “I understand your pain.’’ Speaking to a couple of other people who were testifying as well, he added,  ‘’ But I can tell you I have eight children and 21 grandkids, that over the years this government through its intrusion has done more damage to me than all those criminals out there ever did.”

The senator did not take the liberty to explain what he meant by individual, ‘damage’ however, the Democrat members did not hide their feelings, relating to his statement as, ‘’shameful.’’ Sannie Overly, the leader of the Kentucky Democratic Party was quick to remark, “A rape victim brave enough to step forward and share her personal story of a heinous crime should not get a lecture,” He was unrelenting, adding, “He should apologize to these people and all Kentucky women who have experienced this horrific crime.’’

The broken Kuiper had put across the fact that she was sexually attacked while studying in college in 1994. Her attacker also went on to assault other women, thereafter. It was Kuiper’s conviction that had the villain’s DNA been put on record, he would not have been able to continue his crime spree, hurting other women. Having heard Seum’s statement, she responded saying she had been driven to tears. “I was shaken and felt sick after his comments,” Kuiper mentioned. “Basically, he had told us he had suffered worse crimes than us.”

Though Seum  voted against it, the bill went through, clinching a 6 – 4 victory.