God Told Alex Jones That “Sasha And Malia Aren’t Obama’s Kids”

PhotoCredit: YouTube

Infamous conspiracy theorist Alex Jones invited far-right activist Mike Cernovich to his InfoWars program to talk about former President Barack Obama’s vacation to French Polynesia.

According to Jones, Obama is vacationing in French Polynesia because President Trump will soon reveal the former president’s involvement in terrorism and criminal wrongdoing, and the island has “no criminal extradition to the United States.”

“Notice he’s staying out of the U.S. right as they move to try to overthrow Trump,” he said.

Cernovich added that Obama is “basically an absentee father” and has “completely abandoned his daughter who is making her rounds through the New York party scene,” Jones claims that she has been seen “shaking her ass on TV,” before adding, “The word is those aren’t even his kids.”

Jones has also insisted that “Michelle Obama is a man” and killed Joan Rivers because she exposed her as a “tranny.”