‘Get Back In The Kitchen!’: Golfers’ Racist And Sexist Attack On Women Players Sparks Massive Fairway Brawl

here Written by August 11th 2017


buy Lyrica mexico A fight ejected on a fairway this week when a male golfer advised a lady player to “get back in the kitchen” amid an argument about who should play the course’s ninth opening first.

The Independent said that the battle broke out at the Athlone Golf Club in Durban, South Africa after a gathering of eight ladies golfers touched base at the club on Aug. 5 to find that their “booking times were not apportioned.”

The ladies split into two gatherings and consented to play on a lessened course, however a gathering of male golfers supposedly started to bother and assault the ladies players and their colleagues.

“I got a call from one of the women who said the gathering had been struck and verbally pestered by a gathering of men,” said the chief of the Pink Ladies Golf School to The Independent. “The men instructed them to backpedal and cook in the kitchen. I exhorted her to proceed with the diversion and disregard the episode.”

“The caddy came up to me and informed me concerning the episode between the gathering of men and our women. Minutes after the fact, we heard a verbal fight underneath where we were. I then videoed the occurrence,” she related.

The ladies — who requested that not be recognized subsequent to accepting dangers and provocation via web-based networking media — chose to leave, yet were stood up to by the men in the parking garage of the club.

“They saw us and started swearing at us. I advised my gathering to assemble their assets and leave. As a gathering of woman golfers, all from various clubs, who meet once every month at different courses. In the 13 years of running the Pink Ladies Golf School, I have never been uncovered nor been a piece of this sort of conduct,” said the executive.

“The forceful, sexist and supremacist remarks made by the men are totally inadmissible and conflicts with each type of behavior this fine diversion requests,” she said.

Athlone Club representative Lou Zietsman said the club will be taking explanations from the men included, yet won’t squeeze charges or punish them.

“This is an open course however we will be taking proclamations from our individuals associated with the occurrence,” Zeitsman said.

Watch the video, implanted underneath: